I Should Be Sick of Sleeves

It’s been two weeks since my last post, the semester has begun, and I’m still stuck on sleeves.

UntitledThese are the same sleeves I was talking about last time, and they’re attached to the only project left from my last group of three. The others are finished and awaiting their photo shoots. This project is taking a little longer, but the sleeves are now assembled and inserted (with French seams, no less!), so there’s not a whole lot more to do before this shirt is finished. Since it’s National Sewing Month, I’m hoping to spend at least a little time at my sewing machine each day. I’ve kept it up so far!
UntitledThese sleeves are from the Amiga cardigan, which has been going in an out of my active knitting pile all summer. Once I finished one of my two previous knitting projects, I knew I needed to pick up this sweater and finish it off before it’s too cold here to allow me to wear it. All it needs is a second sleeve and a front band.
UntitledFinally, these are the sleeves for my Rivel cardigan, a sweater that I think of as my 1st year PhD sweater because I worked steadily on it during my first year here. All of the pieces have been knit, so I just need to sit down with a movie and finish seaming it up.

Sure, there’s not much variety around here. But at least I’ll have plenty of garments to clothe my top half once all of these are finished!

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