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Yesterday was a beautifully foggy day in Duluth. Just take a look at the Aerial Lift Bridge.

We took a walk on the Lakewalk in Canal Park after breakfast and decided to take some finished photos of the Liesl cardigan.

I’m teaching a class on this pattern beginning at the end of June. This is the class sample, so it will be on loan to the shop for a while before it makes it into my permanent wardrobe.

My version of Liesl has the high neck, full body length, and 3/4 sleeves. I only used two skeins (360 yards)! When I originally bought the yarn, I was sure to set aside extra of the same dye lot because I couldn’t believe that I could get a whole sweater of such small yardage. There was only a little bit left, but I managed to finish without cracking open a third skein.

Oh, and despite all the trouble I had taking accurate photos of this sweater in progress, the color looks pretty good in these.

Pattern: Liesl by Ysolda Teague
Yarn: 2 skeins Knit One Crochet T0o Second Time Cotton #0808
Needles: US 11 Denise circulars and Brittany dpns
Made for: Me/Class sample
Timeline: April 12-May 24, 2010
Modifications: none, but I took advantage of the customization options
Worst Part: big needles
Best Part: two birds with one stone: a class sample and an addition to my wardrobe

Just in case you’re interested, behind me is Uncle Harvey’s Mausoleum.

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I tried to take a photo of Liesl for you. In fact, I took several photos in an attempt to show you the progress I’ve made on this cardigan. After all, I finished knitting the body this weekend, so all I need to do now is knit the 3/4 length sleeves and I can check another class sample off my knit. I thought you might want to see all of the progress I’ve made.

Unfortunately, every attempt has resulted in something that looks like a blurry pile of ramen noodles in a color that isn’t anything like the color of the actual sweater. So I’m sorry. Suffice it to say that the cardigan is moving right along and I intend to start the first sleeve during Glee tonight.

How about a rainbow sock photo instead?

I’m knitting it out of Mochi Plus, a yarn that I love so much that I wish it came in solids so that I could knit with it more often. am excited to learn that now it also comes in solids!

Just to cover my bases, please note that there might be a bit of blog silence around these parts for the next week and a half as I finish writing my term papers. This silence should be followed by a blog/craft explosion as summer break begins.

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