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Liar, Liar

March 19, 2007

Well, I lied. I spent my spring break evenings on the couch with my man and we normally fell asleep to a movie and then stumbled upstairs in the wee hours. This hurt the blogging.

I’ve joined a few sock knitting groups because I love knitting them in class. Right now I’m making some crazy ones using the leftover purple from my last pair for the cuff, heel and toe. I just turned the heel on the first one today.

The sweater is coming along slowly but surely. I’m a few rows into the fair isle at the top and it’s a little tricky. It only has two colors per row but I have to drag the main color along the whole way for the decreases, which I didn’t really think about before I started. It’s a pain.

I celebrated St. Patrick’s day at a local pub with my man and a knitting friend. We got some comments from some mildly drunk guys at the bar–they were just fascinated with my friend’s Norwegian cap (newly finished, yay!) and my man thinks that if we had stayed a bit longer they would have bought us drinks!

I’m revving up for a sock knit off this weekend. I picked up my yarn today and will be borrowing movies from friends over the course of the week in preparation. I’m really excited to finish a pair of socks in a weekend. I don’t care if I’m the last one to finish: I’m going to make that deadline.

Still no camera but I’ll at least borrow one for the knit off.

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