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FO Friday!

May 18, 2007

In the past two days I have finished two very irritating projects that didn’t want to die.


The Jaywalkers are finally done! I’m still smitten with the pattern but I can’t stand how the yarn works with it. They don’t fit right but they’re still comfortable so I’ll keep them around anyway. I’ll try this pattern again with a better yarn sometime in the not-so-near future.


These legwarmers have been in the works forever! I finished the knitting before Winter Break but just couldn’t bring myself to do the embroidery. They seem pretty ridiculous until you see my inspiration:


These are a pair of dance capris that one of my best friends gave to me when I started dancing again this fall. She was happy to send them to a good home since she had outgrown them but was sad to see them go. I wanted to create something that she could wear while dancing to remember them by. They’ll look silly to some people, but I know that she’ll really appreciate them.

The other projects are still going strong. I haven’t touched the Andean bag because I really don’t want to weave in all the ends. Instead I’ve been working on my sweater. The second front is only a few inches away from complete! It’s going quickly and I hope I can get even more done tonight.

And then there’s this


Four skeins of lovely Cascade 220 (I looooove Cascade 220) for the Counterpoint scarves I mentioned last time. If I do get to go to the recital they’ll have to be done by Friday evening: yikes! Even if I don’t go I want to mail them off close to the date. I’ve only cast on for the first one, so we’ll see how it goes…

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