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May 21, 2007

I am now in full time knitting mode. I am going to be able to see my friends’ recital so I need to get two of these Counterpoint scarves done, blocked, and wrapped before leaving home Friday morning. Unfortunately, this means that the blog is going to be a bit one-sided this week. I’ve finished one repeat on the first scarf and I need roughly six for each.

I am 1/12 of the way finished. Only 11/12 to go. I need to do at least three repeats a day to finish, but I’d like to do four today and possibly tomorrow to get a strong start on it. This project is neat, but I think it’s going to get old really fast. It doesn’t help that I have a house to pack up and clean before I leave as well.

Distraction: I got new shoes today!


Do you see the little sheepies?


I call them my wooly shoes! They’re Chuck Taylors and they each have a black sheep towards the heel where the All-Star logo normally is. I adore them.

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