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August 19, 2007

It is really nice to be staying with my parents for a few weeks. I know I’ll have a lot of crap waiting for me when I get home, but it’s good to have a vacation of sorts before fall classes begin and the stress comes back. Also, being at home means lots of time for knitting and I am using it!

The baby aran is happily blocking and will be seamed very soon. The yarn stretched quite a bit when wet, so I had to do a surprising amount of nudging to get the pieces into shape. I can’t wait to call my friend to set up a time to catch up and give her this special little gift.

blocking baby

I’m also all caught up on the Socktopia mystery socks.

sock part one

I can’t wait for the third clue to come out. I’m loving how this yarn shows texture, so I plan to buy some more of it before I leave town. I have yet to buy yarn online because not only do I like to check it out in person, but I also don’t like the thought of my yarn being shipped all over the country.

I’m worried about running out of knitting, so I grabbed a new project today…updates soon!

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