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What I’ve Been Up To

September 8, 2007

I’ve had a busy week and a half since I last posted. Hopefully I can be more regular now that I’m settling into my new schedule. Here’s what’s been up lately.

-I went to the MN State Fair and took along the Socktopia mystery sock with clue 3. I finished the clue way too quickly.
So I bought some new sock yarn for knitting plain vanilla socks during the shows and things that I watched at the fair. Gotta keep those fingers moving!

-I bought some more sock yarn for Bayerische socks. I really like the stitch definition of the Cherry Tree Hill. It looks so much nicer knit up than in skein.

-I went to the drive in theater for the first time that I can remember. My mom was having a retirement party for coworkers, so Dad, Dear Fiance, and the sock saw The Simpsons movie and The Bourne whatever (I fell asleep).

-I went to a wedding 3 hours away and knit on the Green Tea Raglan most of the way there. It’s not exciting enough to photograph. 

-I started up classes again. It looks like only one of my classes will really work for knitting, but maybe more. I like to feel out what I need to do to be involved in the class before I decide if I can knit or not. I have yet to run into a teacher or student with a problem with it, but there was a girl blatantly staring at me in linguistics on wednesday!

-The DF and his friend competed in a mini golf tournament with proceeds going to the special olympics. They didn’t do so well. I know because the sock and I kept score.

-Afterwords we went to a little family restaurant. A woman came over to our table to comment on my socks and we chatted about heels and angora bed socks for a few minutes. DF’s friend now owes a friend in Alaska $5. He didn’t believe her when she said that people come up to her all the time when she’s knitting, so he said he would hang out with me to see if it was true. The best part? This is the first time I’ve been out with him since he made the bet!

Hopefully next post won’t have to be in list format, but that’s what happens when I disappear for a while.

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