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What? Another FO?

September 12, 2007

That’s right…although it’s nothing too exciting.



They’re plain vanilla 60-stitch socks on size 1 dpns with Trekking XXL #147. I love how this yarn looks! I couldn’t help petting the sock in progress every so often as I went along. I’m hoping that the yarn wears well so I can justify using it in the future. It was great for plain socks, which is the kind of project I needed at the time, but there are loads more possibilities.

The green tea raglan and intricate stag bag are still on the needles. I’m giving preference to the bag while I listen to Librivox’s Age of Innocence so that I can finish it sooner for DF. However, I’m going to need a traveling project now that the socks are finished. I’m not sure if I should bring the green tea with me or start something new out of the stash. I’m thinking either a cabled hat out of malabrigo or yet another pair of socks. I’ll have to decide soon…I have class at eight in the morning and I wouldn’t want to come empty handed.

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