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Pluggin’ Along

December 11, 2007

I can’t believe it, but I’m already starting to fall behind on the holiday knitting. The stress of final exams and projects certainly isn’t helping. I’m also trying to get some work done on the apartment because it is an absolute disaster!

I wanted to finish up some projects for me that are oh-so-close to being done before I delved into the holiday knitting hard core, but that didn’t really happen. The most I got done was I wove in the ends on my green tea raglan (bath, blocking and seaming to come whenever I find my floor back) and hemmed the neckline of the hourglass sweater. I’ve still got these projects in my ‘active’ bin in the living room, so there’s hope that I’ll be able to wear a handknit sweater when I go home for the holidays.

 The first holiday knit goal went well. I finished the purple shopping bag except for attaching the button. That’s because I don’t have the buttons yet. I’m thinking little wooden giraffes because I remember my grandma loving giraffes when I was little.
Why yes, The Knitter’s Book of Yarn is hiding inside and I’m loving it so far.

The prototype and gift version of the Unoriginal Hat just flew off the needles.
To keep

To share

So as of last week I was right on track. It was the weekend that threw me off. I worked a lot and my sleep/wake cycle was really wonky, so I didn’t knit much. I still have some more work to do on the MIL mittens that were supposed to be done Sunday night and the legwarmers that were supposed to be done yesterday. I am, however, plowing through the convertible mitts for my dad which I started today. They’re to the point where I want one of DF’s friends to try it on so I can check the sizing. Dad’s got big hands.

I made an oops today. I decided that I would really, really like to make a wrap for the friend of mine that recently had a daughter. So I’m going with Knitty’s Cozy out of plum Cascade 220. It won’t have to be done on Christmas day but it will need to be done shortly after. Oh, well. I’d rather be knitting than doing just about anything else.

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