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January 9, 2008

010708 tangled yoke

Originally uploaded by red.knitter

  There isn’t a whole lot to do around here right now. I’m on my winter break from college and I haven’t been scheduled to work very much, so I’ve been home a lot. Not that I mind. There’s plenty to catch up on around the house and I’m even doing a professional web design.

  Of course, this means plenty of time for knitting, and I’ve been taking full advantage of it. I’ve passed quite a bit of time with my knitting and catching up on ravelry forums. It’s great.

  However, I’m at kind of a bad spot with my knitting projects. I took a look at the projects that I’m considering currently in progress and they fall into one of two categories. The first is projects that are completely knitted and only need to be seamed or otherwise. These are:
     My Socktopia Mystery Socks-Actually, I just finished these last night. I couldn’t get the right color of reinforcement thread, so I stitched it in afterwords. It took me several months after grafting the toes to actually stitch in the darn thread. Last night I finally finished.
     The Green Tea Raglan: This one isn’t finished because of both lack of motivation and lack of floor space. All of the knitting is done, but I need to block it and seam it together. Once I find the floor back in my room I’ll get right on it.
     Grandma’s Cherry Blossom Bag: This one is actually coming along nicely. I’ve started to stitch down the embellishments. I’m still not looking forward to lining this beast, but it needs to be finished before I head to my parent’s house next weekend.
  The other category is projects that have a lot of boring, repetitive knitting ahead:
     Mom’s Tangled Yoke: This is the one pictured above. The body is done and the first sleeve is probably over halfway finished. It’s that garter rib that’s really killing me. It takes so darn long but it really does look nice when it’s done.
     Bestamor’s Mittens: It’s plain striping with thrums that take much longer than I expected. These are hard to get moving on.
     Hanna’s Wrap: This one is the easiest to work on because of the lace pattern, but it’s not high priority right now. Also, I keep knitting but it doesn’t seem to be getting very much longer!

  Anyway, I just keep plugging away at these guys. I’m really excited to finish this batch of projects. I have a couple that are in hibernating that I’ll finish next, then it’s on to something brand new!

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