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February 24, 2008

Is there such a thing as finish-itis? If so, I think I might be infected. I’ve been knitting like the devil all week and I haven’t really been tempted to cast on any new projects. In fact, the only project that I did cast on this week was the first of my memory socks, but those were in hibernating anyway. The pattern wasn’t available when I wanted to start the sock, but I have it now and just in time for the knitalong!

evie helping

One long-time WIP, as regular readers will know, is my Green Tea Raglan. I finally found some floor space to block the darn thing one night, and the above picture is what I woke up to. I’m pretty sure it was laying flat when I went to bed. What a helpful kitty.

I’ve finished quite a few of my little projects this week and gotten through the ‘stuck’ parts of others. For instance, I didn’t really feel like doing the tubular cast-on for my second Endpaper Mitt, but I finally got going on that last Friday. It proved very useful, as I worked two full repeats of the colorwork on our car trip to and from Gooseberry Falls in Northern MN on Saturday. It was warm, but icy. A very odd combination, but definitely worth it for the view. However, it was a compulsive trip, so the camera didn’t come along.

Unfortunately, finish-itis isn’t the only thing with which I’m infected. I’ve had the nasty bug that’s going around all week and it’s pretty much wiped me out with fatigue. I haven’t done a whole lot besides sleeping and knitting, so I have a fair amount of catching up to do.

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