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There Has Been Progress

April 9, 2008

Despite, or maybe because of, a ridiculous amount of stress lately, I’ve made a great deal of progress on my cardigan in the past week or so. I went from this:

cardigan co
a nearly four hundred stitch cast-on

To this:

a completed lower lace section of the body

That leaves the middle and top portions to knit and then a bunch of finishing. As well as sewing my dress because I couldn’t find anything I liked at the mall. By April 24th. At least the sleeves are done, right?

Let me just say for all of you out there considering this project (probably no one, with my craziness) that this is not a good project to make under a deadline. The lace, while very beautiful and rewarding, is also really fiddly. If you’re the type to enjoy fiddly work, and I normally am, you’ll love this project. But it seems that time is kind of a constant force. Even if you love knitting it, and I do, there’s still time to contend with.

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