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I Can’t Talk Right Now

April 17, 2008

On the walk home from another great night at work at the shop, I was suddenly hit with a fierce bout of finish-itis. I thought about it, and it makes sense to let homework take the back burner for the weekend. I haven’t got that much to do now that my prospectus is in and I’ve got plenty of time on Monday to work on it. I’ll probably do some reading, but I’m not going to make schoolwork the focus of my weekend.

Instead, I want to finish up some stuff that’s adding up to mental baggage–the projects that are so close and just need to be finished. Here’s my potential to-do list for the weekend. I don’t feel any pressure for getting all of it done, but I wanted to write down what could get done this weekend. You know, so if I run out of work to do I’ve got a list to refer to. Here goes…

Crochet edging onto Beckie’s baby blanket (I’ll be visiting the new mommy tomorrow)
Finish swap package and send off by Saturday
Finish knitting and block bridal shower cardigan
Make significant progress on bridal shower dress
Do a bunch of wedding crap. I won’t bore you.
Clean the house and bedroom
Rip out green socks. They’re not doing it for me.
Finish & line Steve’s stag bag
Do all finishing work on Grandma’s felted bag
Work on Pomatomus socks
Make Steve’s crochet hat–see if I need another skein
Finish Evie’s snuggle
Finish the handle for Jenna’s bolsa de mechero bag

Like I said, I’m not going to stress if I don’t get everything done this weekend. It’s an awfully long list. However, I have a fairly open weekend compared to most, so I should be able to knock a big chunk of this out.

I’m off to crochet that baby blanket edging. That little girl came earlier than I thought she would and I need to wash it tonight.

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