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Oh, dear.

May 8, 2008

This knitter is starting to get stressed out. We’re heading into finals week, which means:
one French oral exam
one 15-page Chaucer paper
one take-home Literacy, Technology, and Society final
one Novella final
one French writen exam
and one take-home Chaucer final

I’m working at the store all weekend, so I’m hoping that I’ll be relaxed and ready to work when I get home each night. Hopefully I’ll also be knitted out so that I’m not reaching for my needles instead of my Riverside Chaucer.

I don’t anticipate a whole lot of blogging or knitting in the next week, but I’m sure I’ll sneak it in during study breaks. I’ll leave you with a sexy picture:

That’s my tango partner, Robin, and I after our last performance. He was great to dance with and I’m looking forward to lots of social dancing this summer!

Over and out for now…I’m off to re-read some Chaucer!

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