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Seasonally Challenged Socks

July 4, 2008

When my little sister was growing up, we often described her as ‘seasonally challenged’. She would run around the house in a swimsuit in the middle of Minnesota winter and put on her favorite pink faux fur coat in the hot, humid summertime.

Apparently some of my sister’s seasonally challenged-ness rubbed off on these socks. I call them my ‘springtime snickets’ on ravelry, but I completed them at the height of summer with the window air conditioner on!

The yarn was a bridal shower gift from Katie, another avid reader, so the literary ties of the Snicket Socks made a whole lot of sense. I made the 60 stitch version. Besides substituting yarn, I don’t think I knit as long as suggested on the cuff and I inserted my standby shortrow heel. If you haven’t looked at Cat Bordhi’s method for wraps and turns, you really should. For handpaint yarns like Jitterbug (gauguin colorway) it really makes those wraps invisible.

Katie expressed friendship in wool yet again. When I got to work at my lys yesterday I found this in my bag:

Cheryl- Thanks for lending me $ for Bamboo yarn. In return, I got some pretty Noro yarn for you (pink! 🙂 ) so you can start designing sock patterns straightaway! 🙂 love always -Katie

It looks like I’ll be coming up with some sock designs in the near future! I’ve pondered designing before but hadn’t really gotten going on it. It just seems like there are so many wonderful sock patterns out there already–how could I compete with them? I guess this yarn is the kick in the pants I need to get cracking. Stay tuned: I’m sure I’ll be in need of some knitterly feedback.

Happy Independence Day to everyone in the U.S. and have a great weekend!

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  1. July 7, 2008 8:22 pm

    Oh I love those socks! I want to make them now!! Score free Ravelry download, Sweet.

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