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Baby Knitting

October 15, 2008

Before I get started, I want to make one thing clear. I am NOT pregnant! I know we’re newlyweds and all, but we don’t plan on having children for some time. If that changes you’ll know.

That being said, I’ve done a lot of knitting for wee ones lately.

Isn’t that little guy modeling adorable?! I’m teaching a class on this Melanie Falick Aran Pullover in November. It’s our introductory cable class and it will be the first formal knitting class that I’ve ever taught! Apparently the students are just as excited as I am–the class has a waiting list!

This cute little blankie is made out of Plymouth Heaven, which was a pain to work with but knit up to be so nice and soft! After I was finished, hubbie did the embroidery because I was being indecisive. Unfortunately, the little girl that this is going to has had some health trouble in her first couple weeks of life. She spent some time in the ICU, but it sounds like she’s doing a whole lot better now.

I am super proud of this one–my first BSJ! I mainly knit on it while reading for class: all that garter stitch is perfect for keeping the hands moving. I topped it off with some cute Peter Rabbit buttons that I’ve been admiring for a while now. This baby isn’t coming until December, so I’ve got a while until I need to get it to the mommy.

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