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February 15, 2009

Do me a favor and pretend like this was posted on Thursday afternoon…

Things have been pretty chaotic around here lately. Let’s take a look, shall we?

Monday covered the city in pure, slick ice. We nearly fell every time we stepped outside and it was actually bad enough that the university shut down at 5:00 (just after my science lab was over!) and Sweetie got to leave work early. Public schools closed on Tuesday, but the university decided to stay open. The ice is mostly gone, but remains in some areas:

This is a shot of the sidewalk that I took today on my way from class to work–I tried it for a little while but soon decided that it would be safer to walk on the edge of the road.

We hunkered down with friends on Monday evening to watch the latest Batman movie on a friend’s parents’s big television. I took a seat next to the lamp so that I could get some time in on the prototype legwarmers.
I’ve finished one repeat of the main chart and these are slow going!

I’m much happier with my gauge on size 1 needles, but it’s still nowhere near what the pattern calls for. I’m knitting at 6 sts/in and it asks for 9.25 sts/in! I’m going to keep going with the gauge I’m getting for the prototype version and I’ll work from what I get.

I woke up on Tuesday feeling terrible! I decided to stay home from my afternoon classes to sleep and planned to go to my night class as usual because that’s a harder class to miss. Well, I ended up hibernating the entire day and into Wednesday. All told, I missed two days of class, swing, and a shift at work. I slept so much that I barely knit a stitch!

I was ready to get out of the house on Wednesday night, so I decided to go to my regular salsa night for a little while. My main partner knew that I had been sick and I told him to take it easy, but we still ended up playing full-contact salsa! A few bars into the first song of the night, I clocked him in the jaw with my elbow. He repaid me by cracking my toenail a couple songs later…I think we’re even now.

This morning I finished up my email narrative project and now I’m working to catch up in my classes. The knitting should pick up now that I’m back in class.

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