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February 24, 2009

Having so many balls in the air right now is teaching me a lot about the value of focus. If I step back and think about everything I have to get done, I quickly feel overwhelmed. However, if I focus on the task at hand, I can get so much more done and will have little to worry about in the long run.

I’m beginning to think that I need to apply this idea to my knitting. When I have lots of projects going and jump between them, they take a long time to complete and can become tiring. When I work on only a project or two at a time, they stay fresh and are completed more quickly.

I’m certainly not declaring myself as being reformed into a one-project-at-a-time knitter, but I would like to move more in that direction.

Heidi’s Lillie Sweater

One of my bosses is expecting, so of course I had to get knitting. She doesn’t know the gender of the baby, so I’ve chosen a colorway of Dreambaby DK that is white with colored speckles. I had quite a bit of time to knit yesterday: in addition to the regular geology lecture and knitting club, we watched a movie in French class that gave me an extra hour of knitting time.

An Old FO

This one’s been finished for a while now, but I just recently got a photo. I’ve been calling this project the Grammarian Hat. Sweetie is planning to go as Captain Obvious for Halloween next year with his sidekick the Comeback Kid. They needed a suitable villain, so I suggested The Grammarian and his evil minions (I’ll be going as the semicolon).

Pattern: Greenery Hat by Lilith Parker
Yarn: 3/4 of a skein of Bemidji Wool, a MN yarn.
Needles:US 6
Timeline: January 4-12 2009
Worst Part: There really wasn’t one. Maybe knitting the long cuff?
Best Part: Him tearing up when I gave it to him-best reaction ever!

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