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15 Year Plan

March 23, 2009

I’m a big fan of NBC’s show Life. I’m rarely home to watch actual television, so I normally watch it online shortly after it’s aired. The latest episode introduced a new detective. She’s always prepared: she’s gone to law school, competed in the Olympics, and speed reads. She also has a 15-year plan: law school, detective, Chief of Police, Mayor. This got me thinking about my own 15-year plan. Do I even have one?

In 15 years I hope that I’m still married. I’m not necessarily concerned about divorce despite the rate in this country, but I know better than to take it for granted that my husband will still be there as my mom lost her first husband to cancer shortly after I was born. I’m hoping to hold on to mine a little longer.

There’s a lot of graduate school ahead. I’m (hopefully!) entering an M.A. in English next fall that will take two years, followed by a Master of Library Science program that will take another 1-3 years.

I’m really hoping that after all of that school I’ll be able to find a job in library & information science after I’m all done. I hope Sweetie will be able to do the same, as he plans on getting an M.F.A. in Ceramics & Sculpture so that he can teach at the college level.

That’s about where the specifics of my 15-year plan run out. I hope that my loved ones and I are happy and healthy. Maybe I’ll develop my 15-year plan as I move through school, but right now I’m okay with a little uncertainty.

Nora Murphy

Nora with our LYSO and the sweater that started it all

Nora Murphy, author of Knitting the Threads of Time, came to my shop this weekend to speak and sign her books. I wasn’t able to hear much of her talk as I was working, but I did get my book sign and took a few pictures.

I finished Nora’s memoir last night and really enjoyed it. She tells the story of creating a sweater for her son while incorporating details of her life and the history and culture of knitting.

I most related to a passage towards the end of the book about the reluctance we often have when we come to the close of a project, whether it be knitting or otherwise: “I’m lingering at the end of Evan’s sweater, too…It’s reluctance, pure and simple. I don’t want to reach the end of doing something that, despite the hardships, has given me so much pleasure. It’s because I’m so close to finishing it that I’m not knitting today” (Murphy 155).

I’ve always had trouble with finishing projects. I plan and begin with so much excitement, but nearly always fade and leave the project unfinished. Nora reminded me of the importance of finishing and letting go of what we have started.

Overall, a touching memoir. I’d recommend it. Murphy, Nora. Knitting the Threads of Time: Casting Back to the Heart of Our Craft. Novato, CA: New World Library, 2009.

I have to share our interesting weather with you. I don’t have the best camera for these photos, but I think you can still appreciate them.

I would have loved to spend the day running around with a camera. A layer of ice changes the way that you see the world.

Pop Up Paws

A very special dance partner and my best friend besides Sweetie has a birthday coming up soon. He’s been hinting at mittens for some time now, and he might just get to use them this winter with the weather we’re having! This is the first one, which is completed except for the convertible mitten part. I’ll probably get it completely finished at knitting club tonight.

Happy knitting and stay warm if your weather is anything like ours.

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