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March 24, 2009

I was hoping to show you some cheery pictures of my finished Spiraluscious cowl today, but it was much too dreary outside to take photos. Hopefully tomorrow the rain will stop and the sun might even peep out. Sweetie has the day off tomorrow too, so we’ll have to figure out some way to get a photo shoot in while he has the time.

I stayed up much too late watching the movies with friends last night, but I did get some knitting done. As you can see above, I’ve begun the neck shaping on Sweetie’s Dale of Norway sweater. I don’t have much farther to go before the body is complete.

In fact, I might have finished the body last night if my hands could have handled the metal needles. Normally I have no trouble with them, but last night they were making my hands sore.

I used the tutorials at TECHknitting to get a really nice beginning and ending to my bound off section. Check out that site-I think even the most experienced knitter could learn a thing or two that would improve their knitting.

Pop Up Paws
I’ve finished the first of the gray Pop Up Paws. Twice.

The first time I tried a flat top, but it ended up looking pretty stupid
So I decided to pull it back a ways, including all of that kitchener stitch, and try the round top.

Much better, non?

I was second-guessing myself the entire time that I knit this first mitten. It’s really hard to knit mittens for a man with large hands when you are a woman with small hands-they end up looking huge! I’ve had Sweetie try this on several times and he assures me that it’s a comfortable fit, despite my doubts.

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