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My Happy Bag

March 27, 2009

It seems to happen every spring. The snow starts to melt and I get into some kind of slump. My moods go up and down and I don’t feel like doing much. Especially classwork.

I hit one of those slumps this week. I normally live for social dancing, but at salsa on Wednesday night I didn’t want to get out on the floor or even be there. I had gotten a ride with a friend, so I couldn’t go home either. Thursday was also rough, but in a different kind of way. I felt myself going up and down and I had trouble getting much work done. I eventually decided to work on sample knitting and listen to podcasts in the hopes that relaxing while getting something accomplished would make me feel better.

Did I mention that I have the best friends ever?
When I arrived at swing, one of my best friends had a happy bag waiting for me. It has bubbles, glittery stickers, and a pail full of Dove chocolates. Earlier I wasn’t sure if I should even go to swing, fearing a repeat of salsa night, but once I got there being around my friends really cheered me up.

Pop Up Paws
The Pop Up Paws continue to grow. I’m ready to begin the thumb on the second mitt. However, I’m going to need another skein of yarn to finish these. I weighed the first mitt yesterday and it was 2.3 oz. The yarn I’m using comes in 4 oz. skeins. If I’m feeling really ambitious he’ll get a hat out of the deal since I’ll have plenty of yarn left in that second skein.

7 Things Cardigan
I also got through Thing 3 on my7 Things that can Make or Break a Sweater cardigan. That means that the back and both fronts are complete. I’ve already learned so much from this book. I really think it will be a great class.

This sweater and listening to FlyLady blogtalkradio yesterday helped center me. Knitting always does that, but in the future I’ll remember to listen to a calming podcast or radio program because it was a welcome distraction.

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  1. March 27, 2009 10:37 am

    I’ve been feeling down this week too and thinking I need to turn off NPR and listen to some music. Maybe all I really need are bubbles!

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