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May 5, 2009

Every once in a while I feel like I’ve found a little bit of my true self. It’s just a glimmer, maybe a realization that I genuinely enjoy something and am not just following the crowd. It feels good to have this little kernel of truth, but it also leads to further examination. I begin to wonder who I really am and then I realize that who I am defies definition as I’m a constantly changing being. So I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say that I’ve “found” myself, but I will always be “finding” myself.

Midwest Lindyfest led me to a little bit of truth. The classes were incredibly inspiring and brought me to realize that, while I love all of the forms of social dancing that I practice, swing dancing in its many forms is where I really feel alive. Even though I’m back to real life after a fantastic weekend, I’m feeling more awake than I’ve felt in a long time. This feeling enriches everything else in my life–I’m doing more quality work on the job and at school.

I’ve occassionally wondered if I should continue dancing as much as I do, which is almost every night of the week. I think of all the other things that I could be doing with that time and sometimes feel guilty. But something this beneficial to my body and spirit is worth spending my time on, as it improves my overall work and efficiency.

Anyway, speechifying complete…

I finished the Lindsay sock last night:

My photography skills don’t do this one justice–the pattern looks great in the Noro yarn.

I love the way this turned out, but I had a terrible time knitting it. If you’re planning on doing these, for goodness’ sake check the errata that people have posted on ravelry. Last I looked it wasn’t up on the official Interweave page yet.

The ease of the garter stitch short-row heel made up for the k4tog’s that I had to use an itty-bitty crochet hook to accomplish.

My favorite color is just before the toe. It’s kind of a bright strawberry sherbet that makes me happy. Speaking of the toe, it’s done in the same way as the heel. Unfortunately, that caused a bit of a pucker. Anyone know how to get rid of it on the next sock?

Pattern: Lindsay by Cookie A
Yarn: one skein Noro Kureyon Sock S240
Needles: US 0 Boye dpns (blue)
Made for: Me & Class Sample
Timeline: April 24-May 4 2009 for sock #1
Modifications: none
Worst Part: Tracking down all of the errata was a nightmare.
Best Part: That these turned out in the Noro–I wasn’t sure if it would really work but I’m very happy with the result.

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  1. May 6, 2009 1:41 pm

    I have to say I wish I was doing something active like dancing every night! I think it is slightly humorous that you feel guilty about being active with fun good people every evening, while I don’t feel the least bit of guilt about plopping on my couch- watching mind numbing television and not even knitting.

    Good Luck with your Dancing.


  1. UFO Mondays: Lindsay and Wanida | Red Knits

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