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Yarn Barf

May 9, 2009

I tried to knit Glynis and it ended up like this:The colors were pooling in an unattractive, vertical manner that I couldn’t tolerate. I ripped out the sock after the first pattern repeat and the yarn will reappear as Wanida and I’ll try another stash yarn for Glynis.

I’m not too upset about ripping out a sock in progress because I have some lovely new yarns to admire.

My mom won a silent auction a few weeks back and couldn’t find a sweater pattern she wanted me to knit for her, so she let me have the yarn she won.
We don’t carry these yarns at my lys, so I’m excited to try something new. I’m not sure what I’ll be using these for, but I’ve got plenty in the queue right now, so I’ll let them sit in the stash for a while. If you have any bright ideas, I’d love to hear them in the comments!

The other night I got a birthday present from Katie
She got me some Sock Love yarn for my Sock Innovation project. I think this will become Rick, but I’m going to ask Katie what she thinks before I make a final decision.

It’s chilly around here today, so I plan on getting some knitting done this evening. I walked to a department party this afternoon and wished I had brought along some fingerless mitts or something. Finals week is coming up, but it shouldn’t be too bad so the weekend will be a kind of break before I get moving on the study sessions.

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