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A Celebratory Weekend

May 18, 2009

This weekend was one big celebration and I’m exhausted from it!

I had a final exam at the last possible time: 4-5:55 pm on Friday. I think it went well. After I handed in my exam, my professor returned my paper about solving knitting problems using old and new media forms (essentially a college essay about ravelry) and I did really well on it.

I then headed off to Yarn Harbor to kick off the weekend-long 10 year anniversary celebration with a pajama party.
There were all kinds of ladies there working on their projects and having a great time.
The pajama party went from 7 until midnight, but I couldn’t stay for that long. I took off around 8:30.
It looks like a full house in these photos, but even more people showed up after I had put my camera away! I’m hoping I can make it to the next pajama party because this one was a lot of fun.
We even had these great party favors to give away all weekend. The adorable little stitch marker was made by one of our LYS workers.

After the pajama party, I headed off for some dancing. The band was so great that we went back the next night. It was four younger guys that were fun to watch and even played ‘Earl’!

Saturday was the big day of the weekend, because I graduated from college cum laude and with departmental honors.
My whole family was able to come for the ceremony and I got to spend some time with them throughout the weekend. We mostly took it easy around their hotel. I finished the first Wanida sock while watching Get Smart on HBO, but that photo shoot will have to wait until tomorrow, when Sweetie is home to model.

After working at the shop on Sunday and getting in a bit of blues dancing, I capped off the weekend with coworkers from my other job. We celebrated a birthday of one coworker and a change in careers for our former store manager. It was a huge crowd compared to our usual Sunday night gathering.

It’s a beautiful day here, with no sign of the rain they were forecasting. I’m off to drop off my contract for my teaching position (yay!) and spend a few hours at the shop. Happy knitting!

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