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May 20, 2009

I finally poked my head up from Sock Innovation to finish off the ‘Seven Things’ baby cardigan class sample.

You’re probably wondering what in the world those buttons are. Here’s a close up:
At first I was calling these gnome buttons, because that’s what they look like to me. However, I thought about the ‘seven’ theme of this sweater some more and realized that they must actually be dwarfs!
I hunkered down to do the button band on this cardigan last night and ended up doing it twice. Apparently at some point in this project I decided I was smarter than Margaret E. Fisher (Master Knitter, author, designer, the list goes on…) and should really slip the first stitch of every row for a neat edge. That was fine for seaming, but it meant that I picked up way less stitches than necessary for the button band and the ribbing pulled it into a crumpled mess. I took one look at the finished button band and knew it wouldn’t do, so I ripped it out. Picking up the appropriate number of stitches took some creativity on my part, but it’s done and I think it looks nice.

Pattern: “Seven Things” Baby Cardi from Seven Things that can “Make or Break” a Sweater by Margaret E. Fisher
Yarn: two skeins Järbo Garn Raggi #1511
Needles: US 5 & 7 bamboo
Made for: Class sample
Timeline: March ?-May 20, 2009
Modifications: Slipped stitches
Worst Part: See above
Best Part: Finishing off this sample so it can be displayed in the shop.

I should be showing Wanida photos today, but I didn’t get ahold of Sweetie’s foot during daylight. Instead, check this out:

It’s wine that comes with it’s own glass! How exciting is that? Think of the picnic possibilities. I may be a sucker for packaging…

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