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Please *read* pattern to avoid making idiot mistakes.

May 29, 2009

I started knitting Glynis for the second time out of more promising yarn with smaller needles on Sunday. It seemed like things were going well and the yarn was working out this time around.

After a repeat or two, I noticed that the pattern wasn’t quite lining up as I expected.

No matter, I thought. Cookie knows what she’s doing—she must have planned it this way.

When I hit about six repeats, I knew things weren’t right. The pattern looked random, not Cookie-like at all.

Well, I thought, this book is full of errata so far. Maybe I missed a correction?

I poked around the Interweave site and only found the errata page that I had noted before, which has nothing to do with the issue I had with the leg pattern.

Then I hit the ravelry forums, thinking that maybe this was like Lindsay and the errata hadn’t been posted yet. There, I found a clarification that turned on a light bulb for me. I quickly flipped open my copy of Sock Innovation and found this underneath the chart:

Note: On Rnd 5 of Leg chart, do not work last st in rnd. Move marker indicated beg of rnd 1 st to the right.

You would think a degree in English would have taught me something about reading. After discovering my stupid oversight, I ripped back to the cuff and started the leg pattern over. And definitely highlighted both the note and round 5 of the chart.

Now I’m past where I had been and making progress once more.

Let’s push past that little embarrassment and take a look at something I managed to do right, shall we?

Wanida came from the failed first-round glynis yarn. I think it looks much nicer in this pattern.

Actually the yarn is a failure in and of itself. It’s Plymouth’s release of Rockin’ Sox from last spring. It seems that they then got in trouble for not doing their homework before using an existing name and re-released the yarn as Sockin’ Sox.

Pattern: Wanida from Sock Innovation by Cookie A
Yarn: one skein Plymouth Rockin’ Sox #004
Needles: US 1 bamboo dpns
Made for: Sweetie & Class Sample
Timeline: May 10-16 2009 for sock #1
Modifications: none
Worst Part: This yarn isn’t my favorite. I didn’t feel like I had as much control over my tension as I would like.
Best Part: Making socks for my sweetie.

Here’s to better luck in your knitting. And remember to go ahead and read those patterns before you push on through.

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  1. avarra permalink
    May 29, 2009 2:47 pm

    Hey there,

    I experienced that quite often too 😀 Sometimes my hands and my wishfull thinking are quicker than my eyes and brains *hrhr*.

    Although the wool seemed to be quite a pain for you to knit, the results look just great 😉

    Bright Blessings,

  2. May 30, 2009 10:45 am

    The yarn definitely looks nice in Wanida. And I think most experienced knitters gain their experience doing things like missing that one critical comment in the instructions…


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