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June 29, 2009

There have been all sorts of new things going on in my world this past week.

First Bowl
I went to the ceramics studio with Sweetie and tried wheel throwing for the first time ever. My bowl is the one in the foreground that looks all wobbly. His is the perfect one in the background. It was fun to try, but I think I’ll leave the ceramics to the family expert.

First Checkpoint
I checked in on Sandy’s sock blankie progress this Thursday night. She’s got a lot done and estimates that it would take her another 3 1/2 months to finish at her current rate. However, she’ll be taking a break in July to write patterns and prepare for fall classes, so it’s anyone’s guess as to when she’ll finish right now. It seems that the sock blankie is, indeed, “crack for knitters”. Sandy and Julie are completely addicted and rarely work on any other projects these days.

First Summer Dance Trip
A friend and I took a little trip to the Twin Cities to do some dancing, hitting up swing on Thursday night and following up with a salsa class, tango milonga, and swing dancing to Davina and the Vagabonds on Friday night. All around, a fantastic trip that I hope to repeat sometime soon.

First Socks
Sam is finished and happens to be huge! I did all the repeats that Cookie called for and ended up with a very long leg on the sock. However, Sweetie reminded me that the recipient is very tall, so these socks should be a normalish height for her. I hope that’s the case and she gets a lot of use out of them. Sam is the first pattern that I’ll be knitting the second sock for once my class begins, as the pair needs to be sent along to Ohio in August.

Bex is well underway. I got quite a bit done during a slow day at the shop on Saturday, but the left my sock knitting bag at a friends house, so I had to do without on Sunday. I’m planning on a lot of Bex and TV/movie time today so that I can perhaps bring the finished sock to the shop when I teach tomorrow night. Eunice is next in line out of Colinette Jitterbug.

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