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All in a Row

July 15, 2009

They’re done. All fifteen patterns from Cookie A’s Sock Innovation. The class began last Thursday and I am so excited to report that all five of my students chose different patterns! It should make for an interesting class. Here are the final socks up close and personal.

Vilai was roughest on my hands. I’m sure that knitting it in the midst of the sock-a-day business didn’t help anything, nor did my metal dpns. However, I didn’t want to switch to bamboo for fear that I would snap a needle considering the nature of the pattern.

Cauchy was the last sock that I cast on because I had a false start a month or so ago when I ended up with a massive cuff. I tried again with different yarn and smaller needles and was pleasantly surprised. I thought that I might end up with a man-sized circumference, but Sweetie and I both tried it on and it fit me better. Too bad, as one of my guy friends was going to get a new pair of socks if Cauchy was too big for me.

Rick finished last by far, as I had some difficulty with the transition between leg and gusset: the pattern wouldn’t line up properly. I scoured the ravelry forums and found very little, so I ripped back the first few rows of the gusset and the heel to investigate. I’m not exactly sure what the problem was, but it’s fixed now.

As far as proper, modelled photos and full details are concerned, I think I’ll wait until I’ve finished off the full pair of each of these to write about them. After all, knitting the second sock will take up valuable knitting time and I’ve got to have something to show for it here!

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  1. July 15, 2009 5:41 pm

    Congratulations! I’ve been watching the socks accumulate on Ravelry. I think the book is a must buy for me, especially after seeing your great work.

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