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Just When You Need It Most

August 11, 2009

I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. Lately, I’ve really needed some alone time but haven’t been able to get very much of it. The longer I’m around people, the harder it becomes. So I had a hard time being a ‘people person’ at work this weekend. I made it through, but took out my frustration on a wip:

I had knit half of a vest, but it was turning out to be much too large. I re-figured the project taking in two inches on each side of each piece and ripped out what I had done so far. It felt pretty darn good.

Now it looks like this:

Well, kind of. It’s a deep plum color that I can’t photograph properly.

Despite all of my cathartic ripping, I was still having a hard time going to work at the bookstore. However, when I arrived I found an envelope with my name on it.

Thank you so much-I am on my way to completing my second sock!

A coworker from the bookstore had dropped by the LYS for help last week. It was a quick fix: she had knit a few rows of her stockinette sock inside-out. But she dropped me a line of thanks just when I needed it most. Isn’t it wonderful when things work out like that?

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