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It’s raining here

October 2, 2009

In case you can’t see right through me, the photo above is there because I can’t take a decent progress shot of my knitting. And because the berries were so pretty that I actually went back out into the rain to photograph them.

I absolutely love knitting my Nordique Swing Cardigan! When I’m at my desk wishing that I was knitting, I’m thinking of this very project. It’s exactly what I need right now: a little lace to keep it interesting, but not so complicated that I become frustrated after a long day of studying.

Of course, I crave knitting even more when it is cold and rainy outside. Despite the graduate school business, I’ve been able to snuggle up with my knitting and some hot chocolate for at least a little while every night: self-care at its best!

I’m looking forward to even more knitting this weekend. We’re visiting my parents, so I’ll have plenty of time in the car to knit. That is, provided I finish reading for class and grade some student exercises before I leave late tonight. I’m going to over-pack in the knitting department so that I can take advantage of whatever type of knitting I crave at any given moment.

What was that? Still bummed at not seeing a proper knitting photo? How about a distraction courtesy of Evie?

She just hopped up there on her own-we walked into our home office and there she was, looking right at home.

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