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Happy Socktober!

October 7, 2009

I am not, strictly speaking, participating in Socktoberfest. However, I do plan on casting on for the Through the Loops Socktoberfest Mystery Sock as soon as I can get my yarn into a ball.

Since I needed to be able to cast on quickly and since the pattern is a mystery, I actually had Sweetie pick up this sock yarn for me-I told him to pick out any fingering weight yarn. It’s a fall colorway of Jitterbug (windfall) that reminds me of mustard, ketchup, and relish. The nice thing about Jitterbug is that even if the colorway doesn’t mesh with the mystery pattern, they’ll still feel good on my feet.

Unfortunately, we had some ball-winding complications today. I have a very fancy ballwinder but no swift, so Sweetie gets to be my “yarn b***h.” We hit some sort of tangle, had something funny going on with the winder, and ran out of time: all things that set me back on my Socktober knitting. Hopefully I’ll be able to cast on tomorrow.

In other knitting news, I’ve finished the back of the Nordique Swing Cardi and am past the ribbing on the first sleeve. I still love the pattern!

Our weekend trip was a blast. Lots of family time, a haircut, and shopping for teacher clothes (me) and records (him). Now it’s back to the real world. But with a better hairstyle and more professional wordrobe!

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