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Twin Cities Crawl

November 13, 2009

It’s been such an odd week that I haven’t had a chance to tell you about my trip to the Twin Cities last weekend. It was definitely part yarn crawl, but we crawled to lots of other exciting places too!

Our first stop was Continental Clay, where Sweetie got  some new ceramics tools and we loaded up 100 pounds of clay to bring back to the University for his professor.

Then we were able to stop by the thrifty corner of an outfitters store, where I picked up my new winter coat for over $100 off the original price! It’s brown and orange, which is definitely not what I was expecting to end up with. Any color suggestions for accessory knitting would be much appreciated, as these colors have thrown off all of my prior plans! I don’t mind having to re-think my knitting plans, as Sweetie promises me that this coat will be very warm.

Our iPhones saved the day as we tried to navigate around Minneapolis to find some new-to-me yarn shops.

The first shop was Depth of Field, a beautiful shop with great selection. If I ever owned a shop, I would want it to have wooden floors and shelves like this one does.
depth of field

Next was Crafty Planet, where I wished that I had some sewing projects queued up to buy fabric for–they had some really great prints. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to visit again with my mom and sister (both seamstresses).
crafty planet

Of course, I couldn’t leave these shops empty-handed! I bought a skein of Fibranatura Yummy sock yarn at Depth of Field and some Sublime Stitching embroidery patterns (Sexy Librarians, Roaring Twenties, Michael Sieben, and Julie West) from Crafty Planet. I was so excited to pick up the Sublime Stitching stuff. I’ve been going back and forth about ordering from the website for months, but I was much happier to buy these in person.

By the time we had finished our shopping Sweetie’s sister and her boyfriend were ready to meet us for lunch. We had some great white pizza at the newly-renamed Red Savoy, visited the Walker Museum, hung out at their chic apartment, and met up with their friends to go bowling for the boyfriend’s birthday party.

Knowing full well that my parents, unlike me, have a well-functioning oven, I brought along ingredients to make the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies that I had been waiting for for over a week. I saw them on a blog, and they looked delicious. Turns out they were delicious!

Before leaving, my mom gave me the adorable skirt that she’s been making for me for the past few weeks.
She had picked up this pattern a while back thinking that the construction was interesting and asked if I liked it. When your fantastic seamstress of a mother offers to make you a garment just for fun, you don’t say “no”! We dug through the wool stash and came up with a tiny plaid in green, navy, and off-white. I wore the skirt to work on Monday and felt wonderful in it–I have to admit to admiring it in every reflective surface that I passed!

I should have some finished knits to show around here soon. As I said, it’s been an odd week. I’ve had research checkpoints in both of the classes that I’m taking and have been holding conferences with students in the class that I’m teaching. Thankfully, my schedule will be a bit more normal next week. I’m planning to take some well-deserved knitting time this weekend before I collect the next round of papers on Monday.

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  1. November 15, 2009 1:03 pm

    First of all, please tell your mom that that skirt is AMAZING. I love it.

    Secondly, if you want accessorizing suggestions, I suggest that you post a picture of the coat. I’m having a little trouble picturing this brown and orange coat.

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