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December 5, 2009

In past discussions, I’ve heard people disapprove of the use of the word “gifting,” stating that the word “giving” already exists and serves the same purpose. In response to this problem, I would like to propose a new word: “giftting.” I define this word as both (1) the knitting of gifts and (2) the giving of knitted items. I’ve created the word by using the morphological tactic of blending “gift” with “knitting.”

Perhaps I’m not the first to coin the phrase: I haven’t run any searches or anything. If someone else has already come up with this word then let this blog post serve to recommend it for your use.

I’ve been doing some giftting (definition 1) of my own recently.

My completed giftt (knitted gift-how do you feel about that one?) was knit on a whim, as this pattern wouldn’t get out of my head and I thought a friend could use an end-of-semester pick-me-up.

I started knitting these on Thanksgiving because I had the yarn and needles and they were easily knitted while watching the Mythbusters marathon.

There’s just something about that simple little lace and garter stitch pattern that I found irresistible. The name of the pattern helps an English student like me as well.

Susie’s Reading Mitts by Janelle Masters
Yarn: around 3/4 skein Cascade 220 Heathers #9407
Needles: bamboo US 5 dpns
Made for: a friend and fellow student
Timeline: November 26-December 1 2009
Modifications: none
Worst Part: choosing the right stash yarn
Best Part: the instant gratification: I needed that!

I’ve also got plenty of gifts underway. Just about all of my supplies are purchased and sitting on my craft table. I’m doing very little giftting this holiday season, substituting embroidery in several cases, and most of what I’m doing is conveniently portable.

The current project is Brooklyn Tweed’s Laurel out of Sublime extra-fine merino dk for my sister-in-law.

You may remember that Laurel was in my fall knitting queue. I decided to give the pattern a test run. I’m not certain that I can pull off slouchy hats, but I know that my SIL can. I’ll try this one on before I give it to her to see if I want to make one in a different color for myself.

I’m also working on a little something yummy for me.

This is the Blue Sky Alpacas Cabled Cowl. I was having a rough weekend a while back, and nothing cheers this girl up like some alpaca! The cable pattern is at a difficulty level that I can handle at this point in the semester, but is so beautiful that I admire my work every few rows.

Apologies if I’m not around here much in the next two weeks or so. Between papers to grade and papers to write I’m not sure how much knitting time I’ll have.

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