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The view from my frosty window

December 24, 2009

We’ve got a bit of snow here in the Northland. So much snow, as a matter of fact, that Sweetie didn’t have to go in to work today–the store was closed. That put a kink in my top-secret knitting plans, but it also meant that I got my gift early!

That guy of mine sure knows what I like! He bought me The Knitter’s Book of Wool, which I’ve been wanting to take home since it came out and a skein of Dye For Me baby alpaca lace because he heard me say how I’ve been itching to do some lace knitting. Now I’ll have to decide which lace project I want to knit with this yarn and if I want to dye the yarn or leave it in its lovely natural state.

I’ve also gotten some other knitterly gifts. My coworker at the shop has started selling beautiful stitch markers and hopes to have an etsy shop in the near future. For now, you can find her at Katie Chameleon. I bought the simple markers as a little treat for myself and she gave me the fancy markers for a gift.

Every holiday seems to start out the same for me. I think that I don’t have a whole lot of gift crafting to do, so I don’t get all too worried about it. Over time, we realize that we need gifts for more and more people, as between the two of us we have a pretty wide group of friends. I volunteer to whip something up and, before you know it, I’m drowning in half-knit gifts. Note to self–remember this next year!

The cycle has returned once again, and I’m currently ‘whipping up’ a hat for a friend of ours who’s stuck here for the holidays. She’s pretty bummed about not being able to see her family, so she’s spending some time with us and I’m working on a slouchy copy cat hat for her. I’m seriously starting to like these slouchy hats. Maybe I’ll find a way to wear them yet.

Wish me luck–I’ve still got some presents to finish and wrap for a gathering of my family-away-from-family tomorrow. Once Sweetie finishes tweaking some embroidery designs for me I’ll be ready to hit those projects full-force.

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