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Holiday Stitches

January 3, 2010

This year I decided to split my holiday gifts between knitting and embroidery. I spent Christmas day working on this little project, which I’m very proud of.

This tattoos design is stitched onto the bicep of a store-bought shirt. The original project idea and design come from Embroidered Effects, but Sweetie did some tweaking to make the design match a temporary tattoo that the recipient had and loved.

Next are two snowflake dishtowels for a friend that loves purple, snowflakes, and, as I now know, embroidered dishcloths. Good to know–now I’ll always have a potential gift for her! Sweetie and I found some snowflake pictures online and used them as the basis for these embroidery patterns.

Finally, I did some last-minute embroidery on these dishtowels from the Julie West Sublime Stitching pattern for my SIL and her boyfriend. Apparently Julie West is a favorite artist of theirs (and especially his).

Please, have a closer look:

I call this one Asian robot/astronaut girl who loves roses.

And this one is stripey monster dancing in the rain of happy cloud.

I’m still a novice embroiderer, but these projects gave me a lot of practice. I think I’ve learned a lot and I’m ready for more!

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