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January 26, 2010

I think I’ve mentioned before that the craft I’ve been doing longer than any other is sewing. I did a lot of competitive sewing during junior high and high school, but stopped sewing for the most part once I got to college. I think the main reason that I haven’t been sewing lately is that I haven’t been able to find fabrics that I really want to work with and wear. Lucky for me, I overheard several of the knitters chatting about a fabric store that they loved and that sounded like just what I wanted.

Enter stop #1 on the adventure with Sweetie: Hannah Johnson Fabrics. This is a lovely shop with a wonderful selection of beautiful fabrics and an owner that I had a great time chatting with.

Although I was overwhelmed with fabric that made me want to yell ‘where have you been all my life?’ and Sweetie was encouraging me by showing me cute fabrics and patterns, I decided to dip my toes in with supplies for one project.

I plan to make the over-the-shoulder Frenchy Bag by Amy Butler with this cute owl fabric as the main part of the bag. I’m really excited to try an Amy Butler pattern because I’ve heard such great things about them. When it’s finished, I’m sure this bag will turn into a knitting bag.

No further progress on my February Baby Sweater. It was so gross outside last night that I had to work with some wool, so I pulled out my Nordique Swing Cardigan and knit on a front while I watched The Pregnancy Pact and drank some tea. I just love the texture of the Silky Wool and the pattern is a lot of fun, so it was perfect icky-weather knitting. Here’s hoping that you’re staying toasty-warm wherever you are!

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