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February 8, 2010

I had a fantastic Saturday. My dance partner and I got to spend the entire day dancing: we went to a 3-hour aerials workshop in the morning, a salsa class in the afternoon, and a dance with a 17-piece swing band at a great venue at night. I had hoped to get some cool photos of us dancing, but I didn’t have anyone to take them for us.

After all that dancing, I am crazy-sore! It’s as though I woke up in the morning and said to myself, ‘I think I’ll spend alternating hours jumping and doing crunches all day.’ I’m in rough shape, but the great dance opportunities were more than worth the stiffness.

The FBS has made it to the point of looking like a vest:

Sleeve preparation (RS): work 25 sts in pattern, slip 28 sts to holder and CO 14 sts on the needle, work to next sleeve and repeat.

This sweater has actually been sitting at this point for around a week now. I need to take care of those sleeves soon, as this is one project that I’d definitely like to finish before the big Olympic cast-on this Friday.

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