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Dear Valentine

February 11, 2010

Dear Valentine,

We’ve been together for a while now and I’m still thoroughly in love with you. I couldn’t possibly tell you all the reasons why I married you.

I can, however, tell you one reason: you get my knitting. You get that it’s something I need to keep me happy and sane. You get that it’s something I love almost as much as I love you. Heck, you’re even okay with the pile of WIP/UFOs in my basket.

You, being the thoughtful husband that you are, must remember that Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th. You like to surprise me on Valentine’s Day. Sometimes I come home to a bouquet of flowers and sometimes we go out on a little date. I love your surprises.

May I make just one small request this Valentine’s Day? You see, the Olympics begin on February 12th, two days before Valentine’s Day. And you know I’ve got to have a challenging project despite my already cramped schedule. So Darling, all I ask of you this year is that you let me knit on Valentine’s Day. If I’m to a stockinette portion, we could go out to a movie. Or I could knit while we’re waiting for dinner. Or perhaps, my love, we could stay in our warm, well-lit home to celebrate this year. We can do anything you like, as long as I can knit.

With all of my love,


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