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Covet Wednesdays: Sweater Quest

April 7, 2010

Outside of required readings, I love reading books about crafting, whether they be memoirs, humor, or history. Regardless of how much reading I’ve done throughout the day, I almost always pick up some light reading before falling asleep. I was pleased to add Adrienne Martini’s recently published Sweater Quest to my bedtime reading list.

In this memoir, Martini traces her personal challenge of knitting an Alice Starmore sweater (and writing a book about it) in a year to add meaning to her thoroughly busy life. While I would likely classify this book as a knitting memoir, it may actually qualify as a cultural study of Alice Starmore sweaters and the knitters who pursue them. Martini includes history, interviews with knitting ‘celebrities’, and descriptions of techniques.

Although I enjoyed the book, I was disappointed that it did not include as much of a personal story as I had anticipated. While Martini’s incorporation of other elements was interesting, I had picked up the book to read about her personal journey and would have liked to read more about her trials as she knit this challenging garment. Additionally, I found some of her digressions to be inappropriate in the context of the work.

Despite these arguable shortcomings, I would recommend this book as an enjoyable read for those interested in knitting. I think you would find it particularly interesting if you weren’t familiar with the history and techniques of fair isle knitting. A fun read.

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