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Bright Spring Knitting

April 8, 2010

About a week and a half ago I couldn’t resist startitis anymore. Really, it wasn’t my fault. My summer class description deadline is coming up, and I have to get some samples knit. Additionally, I need to test knit a friend’s pattern and Mom needed bunnies. There was nothing to do but embrace it.

First up in the class sample pool is Gardiner Yarn Works’ Bad Hair Day hat. I cast on the edging for this one in the car on the way to my parents’ house, finished the edging that night, started the main hat portion on Tuesday, and started decreasing yesterday. It’s not like I’ve had a ton of knitting time, so this has been a pretty quick project for me.

The only problem that I’ve had so far is that the yarn, Ella Rae Silk Bamboo, is so slippery that the ends won’t stay in place without a knot. This means that I’ve got to do a bit of repair work on the edging join. C’est la vie…

My other very Spring project is the Skew socks, which I’m knitting in the Daffodil colorway of Lorna’s Laces. I fought so hard to get the toe increases to mirror each other that I’ve already knit several toes (see how kinky the yarn looks?). I finally settled on using the two different versions of a M1/lifted bar increase. It doesn’t look as sharp as the LLinc that I was achieving, but at least they match now.

In non-knitting news, I’m having a pretty awesome day. The girl scouts were selling cookies on campus this morning, so I’ve got two nearly-full boxes of cookies (and another one that I’ll steal from Sweetie–he can keep his Thin Mints). Also, I just found out that I’ve been awarded a summer fellowship, so I’ll really be able to focus on my studies this summer. I feel so fortunate to have my research recognized by the department faculty-what an honor!

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