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On Friends

June 29, 2010

It seems as though I’ve barely had a moment alone this past week, as I’ve spent so much time catching up with good friends.

First, I met up with an officemate for dinner. Since we share an office in the Writing Studies department, we haven’t seen all that much of each other since school let out for summer. She had admired my first Bad Hair Day hat, so I decided to make one for her in black.

I didn’t bother asking for a modeled shot because I doubt that she would have let me post it here. She’s lucky that I like her so much–most of my knit recipients are required to let me take a photo!
Bad Hair Day hat by Gardiner Yarn Works
Yarn: Mirasol Tupa #811
Needles: US 5 bamboo dpns and 16″ circular
Made for: Katie G
Timeline: June 7-14, 2010
Modifications: worked the garter rib for 4 1/2” to compensate for the thinner yarn
Worst Part: picking up stitches with black yarn was hard on the eyes
Best Part: very fun but quick lace pattern

Next up was Katie‘s birthday. Once I figured out that she was celebrating both her 25th and Golden birthday this year I got right to work on spoiling her.
I know she’s been wanting Louisa Harding’s Cardigans for a while (in fact, I may buy a copy for myself), and I also found some pretty page flags at a boutique in Battle Lake. Everything else that I gave her was handmade.
Pattern: Onda su onda fingerless mitts from A knitting bear
Yarn: Plymouth Kudo C42
Needles: US 6 bamboo dpns
Made for: Katie B.
Timeline: June 15-21, 2010
Modifications: none
Worst Part: they ended up larger than I would have liked, probably because of the drapey yarn
Best Part: quick, pretty knit
Sweetie was kind enough to make a set of stitch markers with some beads that I picked out. I chose the star charms (to match her little tattoo) and the green crystals, but the rest is all his handiwork!
I pulled everything together with an Amy Butler Frenchy Bag that’s inspired by Katie’s passion for the outdoors. The tree print is by Timeless Treasures, the small print is Belle by Amy Butler for Rowan, and the solid is from Hancock.

The most exciting part of my week was when Molly came to visit. We used to work together at Yarn Harbor, but we haven’t seen each other since last April.
We got right back to knitting at Friday evening’s pajama party. At the end of the night, Molly ended up getting yarn for two gorgeous sweaters as well as some Bella hats and mittens. On Saturday, we went out for breakfast, visited the Park Point Art Fair, and knit the rest of the day away. I was sad to see Molly go on Sunday, but I’m so happy that she was able to visit.

Sunday and Monday included an unexpected run to the Cities with another friend, so I managed to get lots of knitting and visiting done in the car.

It’s been so wonderful to spend this last week with good friends, but I’m glad to spend the evening by myself tonight. Knitting as usual.

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  1. June 29, 2010 9:05 pm

    It sounds like you need a night to chill and knit by yourself. I’m excited for our fabric/knit day Thursday 🙂 And thanks again for spoiling me so much on my bday 😉 I love EVERYTHING!!!

  2. ladykay permalink
    June 30, 2010 8:34 pm

    I’m double lucky! I am mentioned in a blog AND I have a fabulous hat. Thank you! Bring on the bad hair days. (I might make them on purpose so I can wear such an awesome hat.) Have a good evening! (I believe I just used my yearly allotment of exclamation points in this comment.)

  3. July 7, 2010 5:52 pm

    I like this bad hair day hat – so pretty! What a cute way to cover up bad hair. Do you sell any of your knitted creations or just make them for friends?

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