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Sweet Beginnings

July 20, 2010

I couldn’t help it. I had meant to finish some other projects before casting on for Goodale, but I could not get this cardigan out of my mind! Combine that with an impromptu trip to the yarn shop, and you get something like this:
The pattern could not be easier-it’s a stockinette top-down raglan with i-cord edging-but I love knitting it and I can’t wait to wear it! This might have something to do with the yarn I’m using. I went with Araucania Ruca, which is 100% sugarcane (don’t ask me how they do it–I haven’t a clue). It’s super soft and has a lovely drape to it.

So, why was I at the yarn shop anyway? I’ve been teaching a dear friend how to knit while she’s been in town for July, and I may have created a monster. She quickly finished her first project, ribbed legwarmers knit in the round:
and needed to get supplies for her second project, a cabled hat. She’s since finished two of these hats, started a third, cast on for another pair of legwarmers, and is searching for a mitten pattern that she loves. I’m so proud!

We’ve arranged a trade-off for July. I’m teaching her how to knit and she’s teaching me beginning ballet. We’re both “real-life” instructors in our respective fields, so I think it’s a great exchange. However, I don’t think I’m accelerating in my ballet nearly as quickly as she is with her knitting…I’ll have to head back to my bathroom (one of the few hard floors in the apartment) for some more practice.

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  1. sweetygal (aka Jennifer) permalink
    July 20, 2010 11:21 am

    Hi, Cheryl – glad you went with the sugarcane. It’s gorgeous, and will be a superb color combo that will go with all your new pencil skirts! See you at the shop!
    P.S. A little “thanks for taking my shifts” is in your mailbox at work – from Library of Congress bookstore.


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