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Sewn Gifts

January 16, 2011

It wouldn’t feel like the holidays if two of my closest friends didn’t receive something handmade.

One of them was easy, as she had requested a knitting bag this summer. In fact, she had very specific requirements (purple and green with owls) that Sweetie and I completely ignored when we got to the fabric store.
Instead, she received a Frenchy Bag (my fourth go at this pattern) with giraffes on it in honor of her love of the gracefulness of giraffes’ movement. I think she’s okay with the changes we made to her original plan.

The other of the two friends was a bit more difficult to plan for this year. We decided to go with a themed gift, giving him the first season of Mad Men and this handkerchief.
The patterns for this one came from my favorite embroidery book to date, Sublime Stitching. This friend is also an avid social dancer, and he admired the handkerchief that I had made for my own dance bag a while back, so I thought that he should have one of his own. This may turn into a regular gift for him–I think that he could use a collection.

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