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Starting to Look Like a Sweater

March 22, 2011

Spring break has come and gone, and I already miss it. While I didn’t spend the entire week knitting (far from it!), I did manage to finish the sleeves on my Sister in Law’s Manu cardigan. Here’s a really crummy after-dark photo:

Manu with Sleeves

Don't worry--the sleeves don't actually look that different

Now that the very long body and sleeves are complete, it’s just the yoke and the finishing touches. She’s coming up this weekend for another of Sweetie’s art shows, and I’d love to be able to give her this cardi while she’s here.

There are, of course, a few problems with this plan. I’m presenting at a conference on Friday, so I’ve been spending my spare time updating and polishing the seminar presentation that I gave in my first semester of graduate school. I’ll have to be packed up to leave for the conference right after a meeting on Thursday night, so I can either finish this cardigan asap, block it, and tell Sweetie to wrap it up when it’s dry or bring it along to finish off on the drive. Hopefully I’ll have it done and waiting for her (and bring a new spring project to the conference), but it all depends on how the academic stuff shakes out.

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