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Covet Wednesdays: Stripe Study Shawl

March 23, 2011

When the Stripe Study Shawl first popped up on Ravelry’s popular patterns board, I didn’t think much of it. However, when the Barefoot Rooster started knitting it and a friend fell in love with it, I took another look and added it to my Spring! queue.

I don’t think that I realized that the angles were unique when I first looked at this pattern. Now I think I’d really like to knit it (perhaps during my comprehensive exams next month, as that seems to be working for the Barefoot Rooster), and I think that it would look really lovely in the rustic, heathered Jamieson Shetland Spindrift. It’s very likely that we have more colors of this yarn than any other yarn in our shop, but people don’t seem to notice it unless they’re working on traditional colorwork projects. This pattern seems like the perfect way to both let the yarn shine and play with color. Just what I’ll need when the exam crunch really hits.

In other news, I’ve started putting together my stuff for the conference this weekend. I’ll be bringing along plenty of knitting for both the drive to and from the Twin Cities and the long days of presentations. I pay much better attention when my hands are busy, and this is particularly true when I’m experiencing information overload at a conference. Anyway, wish me luck at my presentation–it’s my very first one and I’m both excited and nervous.

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  1. barefootrooster permalink
    March 23, 2011 8:21 pm

    thanks for the mention! i’m so glad you took another look at this shawl — it was the same way for me. it took seeing a bunch of ravelry projects in other color combinations for me to get excited about it, but now i just want to knit knit knit. (i’m sure the exams have NOTHING to do with that…) safe travels, and good luck at the conference! you’ll be great!

  2. March 24, 2011 8:01 pm

    Very cool shawl. Reminiscent of Daybreak, the Stephen West shawl I just knitted, but even edgier. I’ll have to consider this one – I hope you knit it so I can participate vicariously.

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