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Slippers for Me

April 3, 2011

First, thank you all for the great discussion about knitting while listening in the comments. This is clearly a topic that’s very important to many of us, so if I do pursue this research project I’ll be sure to share my findings with you all.

When I visited my parents over spring “break,” I took the opportunity to felt some slippers since my building’s coin-operated machines really don’t cut it.

I’m doing a class on these felted slippers at Yarn Harbor this summer and was happy to finish off my sample. One thing that I had trouble with was the seams coming apart during the felting process, so I’ll probably make up another pair or two to find a better seam before the class begins this summer.


Pattern: French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi
Yarn: 1.26 skeins Cascade 220 #8834
Needles: US 15 bamboo
Made for: Me
Timeline: March 15-27, 2011
Modifications: None
Worst Part: Seaming and felting
Best Part: They are oh-so-comfy! I’m looking forward to the time when they stop being a shop sample and are only meant for my feetsies!
I’m so excited for my summer knitting classes! I’m teaching a lot of them this season (Yarn Harbor should have the full list up soon), but they’re my last chance to teach here before I move in August (and your last class to take them from me if you’re local). I’m really looking forward to a summer full of knitting related work. Who knows if I’ll be able to work at an LYS in my new location, so this could very well be the end of my work in this industry. Or the beginning…



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