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Covet Wednesdays: Manu Cardigan

May 4, 2011
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Now that the semester is drawing to a close*, it’s time to start thinking about samples for the knitting classes that I’m teaching this summer (see Yarn Harbor’s site for a complete list of offerings). I set up my class list a long time ago since I knew that I wouldn’t have time to plan them properly in the midst of exams. I’ve already got several class samples finished, including both samples for May classes, but I need to get going on my sample of the Manu Cardigan for June.

You may recall that I already have a Manu Cardigan in progress, but that one is for my sister-in-law and will go straight to her once it’s finished instead of being a shop sample.

As I always do before starting a major project (especially one that I’ll be teaching), I prowled around all of the Manu projects on Ravelry to get an idea of what choices I might make, what problems I might run into, and what aspects of the pattern might require clarification.

I’m seriously considering making my Manu with 3/4 sleeves like AnnasusLn’s and Martinaa’s and kristenmakes’. I almost always push up my sleeves anyway, so I may as well save myself some knitting time and increase wearability. Normally I don’t make such drastic modifications to class samples, but I’ll be able to share photos of the original, unmodified Manu that I’m knitting for my SIL.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about yarn choice. I had originally planned on using Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool, but I think I’ll do some more looking around the shop before I commit to it. Brown Sheep Sportweight would be another good option–it would be less expensive, but we don’t have sweater quantities of as many colors in stock. I can’t make up my mind regarding color, either. Should I go bright and fun like Stacey’s, deep and sophisticated like shutterhoney’s, or imitate Lily’s showstopper? I would love to hear what you think!

*For anyone interested, my exams are finished, and I just have typical end-of-semester stuff to deal with before graduation. Grading and working on my seminar paper seem so much more manageable now that exams are out of the way!

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