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May 6, 2011

This last part of the semester is always about revision. I’m teaching my students how to revise in ways that most of them haven’t encountered before (most confuse revision with editing or proofreading), and my professors often share their thoughts on the revision process in advanced writing. This week, I did a different kind of revision.

I’m late to the game on Skacel’s April KAL, but the pattern looked simple enough to knock out quickly, particularly since I’ll be completely done with school after next Thursday. I started working on these socks on Tuesday and quickly became disappointed.

Do you see all of those ugly, loose stitches?! They’re because of the method of twisting stitches. After the first zig (or zag, I suppose), I tried to remedy the problem by working the twists as written but knitting the knit stitch above through the back loop. There’s a slight difference, but I still wasn’t happy with it.

This is the sock after I ripped out and re-knit. This time, I’m doing a proper twist by cabling without a cable needle, and I’m twisting the traveling stitch in every row by knitting through the back loop. I think it looks much better, and that’s what revision is all about.

While the original pattern says that the prescribed method is used because it’s the easiest one, I don’t think that the ease is worth a sloppy result. I would rather add a little bit of time to the process and have a better product when I’m finished.

I also wanted to show you a sweet graduation gift that was waiting for me when I got to work at the shop last weekend:

It’s Blue Sky Alpacas Sport, which I need to finish a cowl UFO. Now I have no excuse not to finish the project, which is exactly the motivation I need to finish the UFOs before our big move. Thanks, Jennifer!


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