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Scottie French Press Felted Slippers

July 7, 2011

These slippers have been done for a little while, but they just recently got a photo shoot.

I wanted to give this pattern a second try before teaching a class on it because my sample pulled apart at the seams while felting. I slowed down while stitching this version and watched the video tutorials, and this pair turned out much nicer than the first.

These will go to my sister, who requested a neutral color and wanders around her dorm in a thick, red plaid robe. I think the Scottie buttons are pretty much perfect.

Pattern: French Press Felted Slippers by Melynda Bernardi
Yarn: 1.22 skeins Cascade 220 #4002
Needles: US 15
Made for: the little sister
Timeline: May 18-June 21 2011
Modifications: none
Best Part: a better result and adorable buttons
Worst Part: I still don’t love seaming these things

Foot modeling credit goes to our friend B.

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