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UFO Mondays: A Triad

July 11, 2011

I really want to plow through some UFOs this week, so I’m focusing on three projects that should really be done.

Baby Norski

Last seen: this winter

Reason for abandonment: the darn finishing work. Such a pain.

Assessment: I only have one more sleeve to set in. I could finish this tonight if I want to.

Striped Summer Top

Last seen: I think I had hoped to finish this top for last fourth of July and got stuck.

Reason for abandonment: I got stuck on the sleeve insertion. Luckily, Mom sorted me out.

Assessment: one more armhole and a hem, and this is ready for the warm summer weather we’ve been having.

Navy Nordique

Last seen: Fall 2009

Reason for abandonment: probably has something to do with my first semester of grad school.

Assessment: I have a front, a sleeve, and the finishing work to go, and I remember just loving this project the last time that I worked on it.

Sorry for the less than stellar photos–I snapped them quickly before work.

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